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Alan Percal – 2016 WSOP $10,000 Heads Up Champion

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If you’re trying to play GTO in a live $1500 circuit event you’re missing out on a lot of money. Learn when and how to properly exploit different opponents.


Learn to play game theory optimal poker and more importantly, learn when you should deviate.  

Live Reads

Paying attention to every word, motion, and routine your opponents convey will allow you to construct the optimal strategy against them – I’ll divulge all the live tells I have picked up over the years.  

Who I am?

Alan Percal

Poker Player and Coach

From an early age, I was a competitive chess player but I quickly got scooped up by the allure of poker in the early 2000s. I have since been playing poker for 15 years with success both live and online. Most notably, I won the 2016 WSOP $10k Heads Up Championship for $320,574, arguably one of the toughest fields of the summer. You can see my Hendon Mob for other results.

I have put together the optimal rubric for mid-stakes live and online tournament players to improve from in the shortest amount of time. These include the most common spots occurring in tournaments, adjusting to tables full of recreational players, live reads I have compiled over the years and much more. An outline of my coaching rubric can be found here.

I believe optimal coaching requires a good match between coach and student. Because of this, I start all students with a free 30 minute session to make sure I am the right fit for you. Contact me to learn more.


Michael Webb

Alan’s coaching has made a huge impact on my game. Before he started working with me, I was an unprofitable player who lacked confidence at the table and regularly found myself in uncomfortable spots without knowing what to do.  In the short time since starting the coaching sessions,  I have over 50k in cashes, have built a solid foundation to my game, and can really see the difference in my ability to think through spots and make profitable decisions.  If you want to take your live and online game to the next level, coaching with Alan is definitely plus EV.

Kevin Schraier

Receiving coaching sessions from Alan has been the most profitable poker decision I’ve ever made. I received expert-level training that improved my game instantly. I feel more comfortable with my late game strategy and have been running deeper in more tournaments than ever before. Since starting, I’ve cashed for over 20k online and have been able to maintain a healthy bankroll. These lessons will be helpful to anyone looking to find an edge.


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